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We invite you to come and share your thoughts and experiences in the following topics:

  1. Institutional Challenges of Quality Management
    1. A datafied society – repercussions on quality in official statistics
    2. Modernisation of quality frameworks in a changing environment
    3. Quality for the institution as a whole
    4. Peer reviews as a means to assure quality
    5. Statistician or data scientist?
    6. Challenges of coordination and cooperation in the production of official statistics
    7. Impact of governance structures on the quality of official statistics
  2. New trends and challenges for quality in statistical production
    1. Quality as a multi-dimensional measure
    2. Methods to improve the quality of official statistics
    3. Impact of measuring globalisation on the quality of official statistics
    4. Methodological innovation and research for quality measurement
    5. Assurance of quality in a multi-source statistical production system
    6. Assurance of quality of output when using new data sources
    7. The quality dimensions of timeliness and relevance in the case of experimental statistics
    8. Impact of microdata and microdata exchange on quality of official statistics
    9. Censuses: methodological challenges, quality assurance, quality assessment
  3. Quality as a basis for creating and maintaining trust of users
    1. The user-perspective: current and future user needs
    2. Building trust: communicating quality to users through branding, labelling and certification
    3. Reaching a wider audience through engaging users
    4. Paving the way to statistical literacy
    5. Getting involved: serving the society with high quality data
    6. Quality as a tool for tackling fake news